When "God" decides to mess with humanity once more,
      he runs into a few kinks he didn't foresee...

about the commander

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about the commander

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"whom god would destroy is a wonderful novel, with an original comic vision and style that had me laughing aloud."
          - luke rhinehart (author of The Dice Man)

"whom god would destroy is the most brilliant, irreligious romp i've been fortunate enough to read."
          - the scattering

"a sniggeringly hilarious meander through some cunning plot twists and a whole new understanding of the universe as it is."
          - illiterarty

"whom god would destroy is a successful mix of mental health, insight, religion, science-fiction and the absurd."
          - used book blog

"commander pants has written a novel that cleverly forces one to question human nature while making us laugh."
          - reading backwards

"it is delicious fun...drink the kool-aid!  laugh at the book - and yourself."
          - the white rhino report

"commander pants has a gift for characterization...the hitchhikers guide to the psyche  with an extra helping of blasphemy."
          - reading for sanity

"i can't say enough about this book. if you enjoy a creative, well told, funny story this is a must read."
          - 1000 + books to read

"thematically, not many books can tackle so many serious issues in a such an absurd but meaningful way."
          - eclectic-eccentric

"there is just no way of really capturing the essence in these pages...the characters are all lovable and outrageous, making the reader wish they had a few of them in his or her life to brighten up the mornings."
          - midwest book review (5 stars)

"it's a romp through the conscious, the sub-conscious, the unconscious and the conscientious, giggling all the way."
          - technorati

"If you like satire and enjoy a good laugh, Whom God Would Destroy is the book for you."
          - blogcritics

"your mom would want you to read it."
          - god